Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ingenious Vintage Hattiness

Whilst perusing Twitter today I found this awesomely practical 1950s "Puff" rain hat, from one of my favorite vintage Etsy sellers, who specializes in 1940s/1950s fashion Fab Gabs .
How IN-geeeenious?!?
Feel a drop of rain? Just had a fresh shampoo and set? Realize you left your umbrella at home this morning?
No problem!!
Just take your (deflated) "Puff - the sun or rain hat" out of your purse, inflate by blowing through the tab on the outer edge of the brim, and place on your head in seconds! :)
Once it stops raining you simple remove the stopper, deflate, fold back up, pop it back in your purse for the next unannounced downpour.
Simple, and far more stylish than those clear old lady tie around helmets you get today. And the inflated rings also help channel the rain away and off the back of the hat.
Anyway, she only has a few left in stock from NOS so get one now still in the original packaging!
-Photography by Lulu of Camerabandit
-Model: Solanah

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