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iPad to Drawing Tablet.

Sketch 2011-06-26 11_03_10

So Mr LiD was having a stressful time at work over the last few weeks with a difficult customer, and last Monday he decided he was in serious need of some gadget retail therapy

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Fray Check Strikes!

So your neatening an edge or securing a knotted thread with that little seamstresses gem Fray Check, when all of a sudden disaster strikes a drip of that liquid plastic accidentally lands on the main body of work!!

Well this happened to me, except I didn’t notice until a long time after the fact.
So I was hurriedly trying to find a solution which would work quickly and leave no trace (be warned to try it on a inconspicuous area first), and Fray Checks own parent company Prym or Dritz as its known in the US had the answer, rubbing alcohol.

Your supposed to soak the area for at least 30mins as it has to soak through the plastic, but for a tiny dot I found that a soaked cotton q-tip rubbed on the spot with a cotton bud behind then sponged away with another cotton bud on top, repeated until the mark was gone, about 4 times in my case, worked perfectly and kept work and drying to a minimum, in a similar way to a Dryel pen in cleaning a regular spot stain.

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What I’ve been working on today…


One of the things I have been working on is finishing off deco-ing my 4th July hat. The stars are now finished and the brim is wired, all it needs now is fixing the hairband.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ostrich Feathers

So in yesterdays Haaauuuulllll! post you saw the Nandu Ostrich feathers that I got. One each in Yellow, Red, Pink and two in Black.
Well yesterday afternoon I started stripping them down to retrieve the spines to use to decorate some of my hats.


Friday, June 17, 2011


Today’s haul features a load of luxury bridal button looping to restock the button shop, ostrich nandu feathers and unusual oval shaped paillettes in pink & silver, and a blue & grey plaited nylon placemat……perfect for unstitching and upcycling as millinery braid into a hat (plus the plaited lengths will give at twice the amount as a basic placemat) I always hunt these out if I can find them at a bargain price, always look beyond somethings practical use and see how you can use it.


1000 (& 1) Sales!

Overnight we reached the milestone which has been hanging over us for sometime now, seemingly unobtainable with the current climate, but late last night the Button Shop reached the Big 1000 sales number. Well technically it was a multi item order & came out at 1001, but we finally made it, in 2 years and 2 months.

6-365 2011 036

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Today is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire England. This year is the 300th year of the prestigious event, attended annually by members of the royal family. Ladies Day is when the fight is on for who can wear the biggest, best, most outlandish hat to win best dressed of the day. The event of the day is The Gold Cup at 3.50pm.

Our Milliners of Etsy team set the last team contest as Design a Black & White Hat for Ascot. It was judged by the milliner Mark T Burke, the closing date was June 1st and the winner was announced a week later. You can see all the entries here as well as Mark’s comments on each one.

And my entry Fame & Glory was the winner!!
I named it after the favourite to win todays Gold Cup race.

I mixed and matched materials rather than making it all out of sinamay. The base is a simple small black wool felt smartie with a white sinamay saucer perched on the front edged with grosgrain and finished with a swirly twisty knotty length of black and white striped grosgrain ribbon.

I had only just got the 6” saucer block (along with an 8” one) the week before so I was super excited to get working with it at the first opportunity, and so pleased when it helped me win!

……now I just have to hope that the horse it is named after wins this afternoon…….

*Update* Fame and Glory won the Gold Cup!

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