Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finally finished!!!

Remember the Orange sinamay mini smartie hat I had blocked a looooong time ago which was one of those ongoing nemesis projects that never gets finished because it never looks "just right"?
Well inspiration struck this week! And now its finished - yay!
I've wanted to work on making curled feather flowers for a while now, but bridal season commissions and tax season have all gotten in the way.
I was originally planning on just using the turquoise coque feathers against the orange, complimentary colors and all that, which I spent a long time hand striping myself, and just swirling them round the base in a halo.
But as I was curling the pink feathers and starting the place them together in a flower shape, it struck me that they would make the perfect oversized stamen for the centre of the oversized flower and the color combination worked perfectly with this seasons neon and color blocking trends!
Also, I'm now totally obsessed with making feather flowers :)

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