Friday, July 1, 2011

How To Make Flowers with Dennison Crepe Paper


A new vintage book arrived today in the mail, How to make Flowers with Dennison Crepe Paper

First published in 1956 by the Dennison Paper Company, it gives step by step instructions on how to make over 30 flowers and leaves from their two tone/double sided thick crepe paper.
And it was in extremely good condition, obviously has just been kept on a shelf somewhere, as the pages haven’t even been pressed open flat as they would have been if someone had used it to work from.


I’m going to use the pattern pieces and translate the instructions to stiffened fabric that will mimic the texture of the crepe paper they were originally designed for, as well as paper which I will seal to extend life.

Keep an eye out for a future post once I have made some up from the book.

(By the way, some joker is trying to flog a copy of this 35 page booklet for over $113 on Amazon, good luck with that buddy! Sorry its not that rare.)Look out for your own copy for around $5 on Etsy, Ebay and even Amazon.


  1. I can't believe how much some of the sellers want for some of these books. I purchased a book on EBay for $20 plus, that a seller was selling on Amazon for $250.

  2. I know, its not the first book I've bought at a 'bargain' price compared to the overinflated price some dealers on Amazon think they can try to sell if for because its now out of print.


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