Sunday, July 3, 2011

Smartie Blocks

Last month I started a brief post on just a few of my new blocks. Today I’m going to talk about my two smartie blocks.
Both from Guy Morse-Brown in England, the smaller one was a birthday present to myself last year and the larger one was a birthday present from my family this year.
The 4” one I have created my own ‘puller’ to remove it simple from underneath a stiff blocked piece as the edges curve inwards. The ribbon I used is thin enough not to create a raised mark on the outside of the piece. Its knotted tightly over and over underneath to provide something to hook your fingers inside and sharply pull it out.
I’ve made some of my most popular pieces as well as competition winning pieces from it.
DSC_2665Old Gold Birdie Mini.
The Vintage Bride

Union Jack Mini
Dainty Miss Leopard Mini  Freshly Picked Calla Lilies
Very Vintage Chocolate Lattice
112Stars and Stripes Mini
Very Vintage Red Petals
Origami Waterlily Mini
And the competition winning Fame and Glory Ascot mini.

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