Monday, June 20, 2011

Just a few of my new blocks…


Minis to be precise. They are all brand new, no vintages in this group. Handmade by craftsmen in the UK and the US, 2 smarties from Guy Morse-Brown, and 2 discs, a bellhop, and a mini derby topper from Jerry Nabors.

Two smarties, one 4” and one 6”. I’ve had the 4 incher for about a year and have used it to death, well it has A LOT of life left in it, but as soon as it was empty it was being blocked on again. The ribbon straps are to help easily remove it from inside the stiff blocked felt. It’s heavily knotted underneath and gives you something to grab onto & pull!


Two discs, one 8” and one 6.5”. These are SO smooth to tie off on, even with unconventional blocking fabrics it is very easy to ease any wrinkles out of with minimum effort.

My little bellhop pillbox (I haven’t used it yet, shhhh) and my mini derby topper which is brand new (but I have quickly managed to use it)

All are very simple, but very effective.

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