Saturday, October 1, 2011

Customer Fabulousness!

September was super busy, gearing up for fall and winter weddings so the blog was on hiatus for a month. But heading into fall also means that knitwear season is also starting so everyone has been after wooden buttons and during the past month I have been receiving some great pictures of customers work using the buttons on their work.
Gina, from Delaware, who knits these fabulous lightweight lacework swing sweaters used the Turquoise Flower Bead Wooden Buttons to fasten it.
image (JPEG Image, 968x1296 pixels) - Scaled (41%) - Mozilla Firefox 8252011 93112 AM.bmp


She also later knitted the same sweater but in red as a gift and used the Queen of Heart Silk Buttons in her own custom sizing.
image (JPEG Image, 936x1253 pixels) - Scaled (43%) - Mozilla Firefox 1012011 92226 AM.bmp

And after providing me with her honest opinion of the wooden buttons, she now has a tagline in the wooden button listings so other buyers can see what she thought of how they were to use:
"They are SO lightweight! This is a real joy when using them on a hand-knitted item! They don't weigh down the garment or stretch out the knitting." - Gina, Delaware USA.

Anne, from Massachusetts, used the Spinning Butterflies Wooden Buttons and Hawaiian Flower Dome Buttons on her very first knitting project, and it turned out fabulously!
bnz3dichvb.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024x768 pixels) - Scaled (70%) - Mozilla Firefox 1012011 92716 AM.bmpDSC_8512013

And Victoria, from California, placed her own specially sized request for some Prince of Wales Check Buttons to use on a new skirt pattern she was trying out. The original sizing of the buttons were WAY too big so we worked on getting the pattern placement of the fabric right on the small size that she needed.
IMG_7259.JPG (JPEG Image, 1145x1526 pixels) - Scaled (35%) - Mozilla Firefox 1012011 100530 AM.bmp261
She wrote all about how she made the skirt and where she got her supplies on her blog here. Check it out!

Thanks for the pictures everyone! It’s always great to see what people do with the buttons after they have bought them. So fee free to send over pics of your work!

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