Sunday, June 19, 2011

What’s on the board, Miss Ford?


So today, on the jobs board we have a number of outstanding projects, the big leopard print saucer is very nearly done, I’m just working out the exact placement of the black spine (its only resting there right now)

The raffia topper is also very nearly done bar the decoration. I am currently so obsessed with that 1950’s Tiki/Luau/summer holiday straw with the raffia embroidery over the top, perfect to wear with capri pants a tie shirt and little cardigan jacket.


The orange mini is an ongoing project, you know the sort……
In the foreground are a couple of button orders getting ready to go out on Monday and the startings of another raffia this time in coral.


The big Stars & Strips smartie is actually a personal project for our 4th July party. The blue one is going to be a new sailor inspired hat, as I haven’t had a nautical hat in the shop for faaaaaar too long, its still on the block. The white spotty one is waiting for decoration inspiration to grab me!

And that’s whats on this weeks board, Miss Ford!

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